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Thread: Joystick for Pangolin Asteroids....

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    Default Joystick for Pangolin Asteroids....

    Just in case anyone else is interested in playing Asteroids on something else other than the keyboard. I hooked a USB Logitech Rumblepad 2 up to my computer, loaded the drivers and it worked perfectly!

    The left analog stick moves the flying triangle (AKA ship) and the right "1" button is fire and the "2" button is shield. I haven't set/tried the other buttons. The controller is about $20 at Best Buy and is definitely worth it. Are their any other games available for the Pangolin QM-2000?

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    Oh sweet, thanks for the info, Adam. I never really thought of hooking up a joystick!

    I don't know of any other games available for Pangolin at the moment. I just hope whatever comes out next, isn't Tetris... I remember that being such a frustrating game!

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