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Thread: Selling Massive Coherent 50+Watt 808nm YAG or YVO4 Pump Laser

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    Talking Selling Massive Coherent 50+Watt 808nm YAG or YVO4 Pump Laser

    Just listed for 10 days starting at .99 cents at Ebay Auction Number ebay item number 170233657784 this is supply laser lens and heat exchanger cost me almost $1000 to build

    Going to list either by themselves or as a component system, Lens Mirrors, YVO4, KTP Crystal 3 X 12 MM YAG Rod, A Heat Exchanger w/Fan , 60 Amp 3.3 VDC Power Supply, Thermal Take Digital Temperature Readout, Alarm & Control, KTP & YAG Mounts and heaters That are Commercial Medical Type, Water Cooled Coherent 808nm Laser As Seen Frying Stuff on YouTube By Cyrillium

    All this stuff good for a lot of burnt stuff bragging rights or simply 5-10 watts 532NM Green in the right persons hands to set up array or with another few hundred investment in a LBO crystal a few watts of blue for much less than the $10,000 the chinese are charging on ebay in wrong hands this stuff can hurt or blind you Real googles for these power levels run $150-$300
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