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    Now if your like me an electronics guy in one of the many guises we come in today, you will know what I am drooling about when I say Cambridge 6215H hi speed scanners.
    Couple these with the all powerful Cambridge Micro Max 671 add in the HPO option and you have .... yes the 60K scanner.

    Whats more its sitting on my bench right in front of me... just being admired like a naked model on a sundrenched beach..
    This ain't no toy..

    This is a thing of beauty and sophisticated engineering. It just reeks of engineering and precision. It comes with not a 4 or 5 page 'manual' it has a 71 page manual for the amps alone then a full manual for the scanners AND a DVD....

    I have been very happy with my Chinese DT-40 Pros and continue to be, they are excellent value for money but this is like, I don't know, maybe having a Mini car and suddenly finding yourself with a top of the range Lexus or Rolls Royce..... man, can I see why Bill keeps telling us this is the way to go.

    Yeah I know !!


    Now shutup and listen to me drool, the pictures will come..

    There is a downside when you buy at this end of the market there is no need to worry about the wife or girlfriend she has already left the building, which is just as well as you have no time or need for sex right now.. its toy time !!
    Power supplies they don't come with these toys, why ?? because get it "they" thats right you need two and their pretty big jobs. You have to brace yourself to buy them extra.
    Get this.... plus and minus 28 volts !!
    At full scream the current peaks at 20 amps..

    Heatsinking is not an option its a must, with full scream power running at nearly 44 volts accross @ 20 amps and running heat dissipation of around ...get this 600 watts... toast anyone ??

    There are jumpers and bridges and connections for just about any use..
    Like Velocity out, position out,error out,current out,90% power flag,Fault flag,remote shutdown...... like the space shuttle.

    Very full pre-test and alignment instructions with CRO diagrams the lot.
    It even has like a safe mode for setup so she don't blow apart if you screw up !!!

    Sorry guys I rave, ... but having had the four page manual for my lower cost Chinese units with no one, including the manufacturer, quite sure what all the things on the PCB do, there is no competition (other than price of course).

    Pix will follow but hey if you can make it with the dollars do it, Bill is dead right (as usual)... a big thanks to Bill for his help in getting me into one of these unbelievable beasts..

    Drool is officially over for now...



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    They sound excellent. Looking forward to pics. What is the width of the mirrors and max scan angle at 60k? If there is a PDF of the manual I'd love to see it.

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    I seem to remember 3mm aperture for 60k scanning. could be wrong tho?
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    If 3mm. I have 3mm CT6800HP. 635nm doesn't fit onto those mirrors. You need to compress the beam. I would gladly loose some Points per second for larger mirrors. 5-6mm... But they have a range from 3 to 6mm. I would recommend to get 6.
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    My scanners were identified by someone at Cambridge as being early prototypes from about 1994 or 95, I think. They are unusual for scanners as they are driven with single ended inputs. They are nothing to write home about; except, they are Cambridge! They also require +/- 28 volts unregulated AND +/- 15 volts regulated. The regulators are not integrated on the boards! I had to rebuild the front end dual voltage regulator, so I added a set of op-amp inverters too.

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