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Thread: Enhancing Screensaver in Laser Display

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    Default Enhancing Screensaver in Laser Display

    Hey People
    I m working on a project that addresses the following (using C++ and OpenGL)

    We got computers at science centre with laser show displays. We want a small programme to enhance the displays.
    We want to use the computer as a normal computer. If you don't use it the screen saver mode take over and we want the system to display randomly from a data bank some figures but when you use it, it must ask you to write your name, your friends name and a few good sentences. The display must then display those exact words with a laser. Until it goes into a sleep mode it can project a story line for 3-4 min and repeat the process.
    Can someone give a clue here..........., Please help

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    You might want to look at LaserBoy. It is written in C++ and it is open source. It can read DXF files, including text elements. I'm not sure if it is what you are looking for, but it is a place to start.


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