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Thread: ScanPro20 Tuning + Temperature

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    I've almost finished my RGB scanner. Pictures will be posted in 10 days, I first have a business trip to houston.

    When I run the scanner for about an hour, the galvo's don't even get warm! Speed is set in LiveQ at 20kpps. The ILDA testpattern looks decent, but can be better when I look at Stanwax pictures.

    Because they dont get warm, the question is: can I run them at 30K and tune for 30k ? Or should I tune at 20k @ 8degrees ?

    I read most manuals only tune at 12 or 30k.. No one says anyting about 20k.


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    I have seen someone run them at 30K without heating problems, you could try I guess.

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    Im sure you could tune them to 30K if the mounting block is on a good lump of ally then you shouldnt have trouble but I would say you may need to have a bigger PSU as the one that comes with them is only good for 800mA - which is not a lot! Remeber what Bill and Adam say about the size of the circle - once it stops increasing in size as the angle goes up, you are pretty much maxing out the PSU for current. So beyond that you cant go as you will be wasting your time and leaning very hard on the power pack.
    Yes tuning to 12k or 30k is what is talked about but tuning to any speed that you use is ok. All the tp does is allow you to set a baseline which means you will have a uniform state to display graphics on any device (DAC) set to output at a given speed. If you tune to 20k and bring your kit over to me and I run my Mamba or Pango or whatever through your projector at 20k you will see the same quality of image as you get at home.

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