Hi Guys.

Selling one of our 1 Watt Greens as it hardly gets used. (currently doing over 1 Watt) Only done about 4 Hrs. 900 / $1800

We also have a Novation Remote MIDI Controller, this is a great device as it has backlit LCD's to label up your faders, buttons etc. However it's now also surplus as we have a load of BCF 2000's ( The motorised faders make these more desirable )
Mark from Laser Insanity will back me up that this is a fantastic bit of kit

Has seen use at about 3 gigs, they are around 190 new.

145 Boxed, No marks, like new

We will also have some Fiesta USB Dacs up on here soon for sale for anyone that uses Fiesta. (I'm sure Laser Steve will be interested )