Hey guys...

I know this really should be in the Meet & Greet forum, but time is getting short and the threads over there are not getting any new views.

We've got a raffle planned for SELEM 2008 for a 200 mw CNI DPSS blue laser (with analog blanking). We're getting the laser at a deep discount off the retail price (thanks to Dave and Aijii at LaserShowParts.com, and all the folks at CNI lasers), so we decided to divide the cost by 50 and sell tickets to pay for it. That worked out to $30 per ticket.

Unfortunately, we've only sold about 13 tickets so far, and SELEM is just over 3 weeks away. So I'm putting this post out there as a final chance for people to jump in to the raffle before we have to cancel it. (If we don't sell all the tickets, we can't raise the funds to pay for the laser.)

So once again, even if you're not planning to attend SELEM, you can still participate in the raffle. All you need to do is *register* for SELEM (which costs just $25) first. For that $25, you'll get a nice collared, short-sleeved, knit shirt with the SELEM logo embroidered on the front. You'll also be eligible to participate in the raffle.

Then you may purchase up to 4 raffle tickets. You don't need to be present at SELEM in order to win the laser.

So give it some thought folks! Support the SELEM event and take a shot at winning a *great* blue laser. I'll keep the raffle open for another week or so, but if we're not over 75% tickets sold by the first of August I'm going to have to cancel the raffle and refund everyone's money.