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Thread: analogue and TTL working together

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    Default analogue and TTL working together

    is it possible to run an analogue laser with TTL lasers on the same projector, do you still get analogue blanking on the one laser:

    for example rgb TTL swap out the green for analogue green, the reason is if i put a 1w 532nm then i can have excess power for beams when the intensity is turned up.


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    If your controller supports analog modulation, then yes - you'll be able to control the brightness of your analog laser.

    If you have a TTL-only controller, then you can still use a laser that has analog modulation - it's just that it will either be full on or completely off.

    Your plan to add a more powerful green laser (with analog modulation) will work just fine provided that you have some way to dial back the power using your laser show software. (I know that Pangolin has this ability; you'll need to check your software to see if it supports it.)


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