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Thread: Great service and support

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    Thumbs up Great service and support

    Just wanted to share my latest experiance with service and support.

    I bought a set of 50K scanners from them on ebay. Really nice price i have to say. But i was lucky i guess on the auction.

    They have been laying in the box for about 1-2month untill i this friday wanted to test them. The Galvo seemed like it had been damaged in the shipment or something. its litlebit strange becouse everything is really nicely packed in a really pro-box with plastic and rubber and specially plastic around the galvo head. But i guess factory error can hapen.

    Anyway one of the galvos started to heat really much and finally was so hot that it was defenatly something wrong with it. The driver board connected to the galvo also started to heat up extremly much.

    I contacted Laserworld and got in contact with Martin Werner who emediatly gave me a really nice offer to either return the whole kit or buy a new one at a really One Time Price offer that is really nice.

    There support and service is fast and really friendly and i will defenatly buy from them again and can really suggest this company to any other ppl.

    This kind of service and customer contact/handling makes me happy and just wanted to share the experiance.

    Five Stars Guarantee


    Link to my problem post:

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    I have two LW-50K and GREEN-250E from LaserWorld. I agree with Rickard they are great ebayers: nice prices, very fast communication and shipping. (To receive an answer from them is a matter of minutes, not hours, not days). Just top seller!

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    and i will add to that as well

    after i saw marks ( infinitys ) Laserworld set at the last UK meet i was interested in getting some ... but at the time i was happy with my widemoves .... but when i rebuilt the banthai beast .... i managed to win a set on EBay for 180 ... and i have to say they worked well straight out of the box .... well tuned and they run cool when worked hard ...
    i dont know who builds them ( they are chinese origin ) but i have not seen another supplier with a similar product

    maybe someone here knows what chinese manufacturer they originate from ?

    all the best ... Karl

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