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    Hello ppl.

    I Got the measurement of the DrLava driver board all fixed up and connected the Diode finally. and yehoo i got blue (sry.. Violet)
    It shines wery bright but i wonder litle what kind of optics i should get to actually work out a nice beam from this diode.

    I tested shortly with an lens from an old 5mw green laserpointer. and it worked, although i saw that inside the laserpointer it had quite a few other lenses/optics.

    So if anyone know what i would need to get the best beam out of a single diode i would be wery happy.

    I should also say that i just bought 3 more of these bluray diodes em=270260373637

    and im planing on combining them. i know i will probably loose some power with the beamsplitters/combiners but hopfully not all.



    pics of DrLavas driver board.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSC00514.JPG  



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