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Thread: Looking for best value for the dollar, green diode

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    Default Looking for best value for the dollar, green diode

    What is the best value green diode out there? (1 mW = lowest $)

    I was able to find on a 200mW Green DPSS w/Power Supply & TTL blanking for $250USD + shipping. The math worked out to be 1mW = $1.25...

    is there a better deal? thx


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    well the thing is with lasers it all depends on what power you want. if you doing a smaller power you could get more mw per dollar but once you get to a higher point of power the price will jump up bunch.

    also you most likely will not be getting green diodes. it will be a infrared diode using crystals to convert the infrared to a green wave length

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    Hi Minimal

    mW to the dollar is not the best way to work out what laser to buy as there are many many more considerations to take into account

    say .... TTL / analogue blanking ... tec or passive cooling, quality build or held together with hot melt glue, quality optics or bits of broken milk bottles ....

    and most inportantly IR filter or NO IR filter

    best to look at what power you want and what units avaiable you can afford then run a comparison here on the forums and see what people here can recommmend from experience

    Personaly i would reccomend
    Laserwave or CNI or Lasever

    all the best .... Karl

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