Lab Laser

DPSS lasers are available for a range of laboratory applications. CNIsupplies the laser power with tunable knob and LED display, so that you can control the output power accurately.
    Application: Flow Cytometry, Laser Alignment, Scanning, Nondestructive Testing Devices, Holography, High Resolution Display, Spectroscopy, Underwater Imaging & Surveying, Wafer Inspection, Cell Sort, Optical Data Storage, Fluorescence excitation, Optical Communication, DNA Sequencing.

 DPSS laser module

UV laser at266 nm/355 nm

Blue laser at 435 nm/457 nm/473 nm
Green laser at 500.8 nm/515 nm/523.5 nm/526.5 nm/532 nm/543 nm
Yellow laser at556 nm/561 nm/589 nm/593.5 nm
Red laser at 660 nm/671 nm
Infrared laser at914 nm/946 nm/1030 nm/1047 nm/1053 nm/1064 nm
1085 nm/1112 nm/1122 nm/1319 nm/1342 nm
Single-longitudinal mode laser at 532 nm/1064 nm/671 nm
Q-switched laser at 266 nm/355 nm/532 nm/1053 nm/1064 nm/1319 nm
RG/RGB Multi-color laser

 Diode laser module

UV laser at 375 nm

Blue laser at 405 nm/445 nm
Red laser at 635 nm/655 nm/685 nm/690 nm
Infrared laser at 785 nm/808 nm/885 nm/915 nm/940 nm/980 nm/1450 nm/1560 nm
Diode laser system at 808 nm/980 nm

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