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    Default No audience scanning

    So, for something different, tonight we set up a single head full colour laser at a warehouse rave with no audience scanning at all.

    I only stayed for a couple of hours, couldn't be bothered really.

    But I must say, it didn't look too bad at all. The high roof in the warehouse lent itself well to overhead beam and atmospherics. Something different given every other laser show to date in melbourne has pretty much been an audience scanning one...

    the highlight of my extremely short night was the bonfire out the back, and walking out as the fire brigade rocked up haha
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    hahaha well where are the pictures!! COME on you cant tease us like that!

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    Trouble is from a customers point of view, its no where near as good.

    I went to this gatecrasher event:

    ..and although there were some good aerial displays, the lighting simply left me cold. Without audience scanning it simply wasn't enjoyable for me. That said, audience scanning has to be done safely or it isn't enjoyable for anyone. I think those particular greens were far too powerful to audience scan although they have used others at other events to do it safely.

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