Been seeing these on ebay, and I'm interested in hooking one up to see what it can do. Obviously safety first with these babies, as I do enjoy having eyes. Luckily I work at an imaging facility where we have power meters and goggles.

At aboput 20x20mm they seem to be considerably smaller than the average CPU and could probably sit on a standard computer store bought liquid CPU cooler. Not sure how to regulate temps tho, especially if I use a CPU peltier. I am seeing little control panel temp controllers for around $50-60 but unsure about sensors. The diodes do have thermistor wells in them but no integrated sensor.

I found various generic high current power supply schematics based on LM317 current regulation and stacked trasistors, but I wondered if anyone has a favorite recommendation along those lines. Want to run the thing off laptop batteries eventually.

Also wondering about optics, as these things have a 10cm emitter area and I would like to shorten that considerably. The cheapies for auction right now have no fast axis lens.

Any thoughts, besides "You'll shoot yer eye out, kid!"..?