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Thread: Anyone tried a Laserworld CS-400 RGY?

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    Default Anyone tried a Laserworld CS-400 RGY?

    OK sorry to ask so many questions on tried lasers but even a couple of hundred pounds is a lot of money for me.

    Wondering therefore if anyone has tried a Laserworld CS-400 RGY:

    Looks like it might be essentially the same as the lower powered laser we were discussing here:

    Obviously if thats the case, I have concerns about scan quality so was wondering if anyone has tried, owned or seen one of these things?

    The video they put up didn't exactly excite me, but then again I've yet to see an RGY that does, but I can't afford to buy to an RGB.

    I might just resort to a cheap Chinese green if I can't find a good RGY.

    I only want it for BBQ's / home use so its not worth spending a lot and as viewing distance might be quite close (I can probably manage 20-30ft min for BBQ's but as little as 2m for indoor use), I don't want to go stupid on power although outside without smoke, visibility might be an issue on very low power. I could forgoe indoor at a push if safety became an issue.

    BTW as an aside, anyone know if FB3 can send DMX as well as IDLA from the pc?

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    FB3 does have a DMX daughter board.

    sorry, cant answer your question on the quality of the unit you pictured though.

    im *PERSONALLY* not a big fan really of any of the pre-fab import units. just my opinion. i believe that if you just spend a little bit more, you can build your own and get MUCH better results. again, just MY opinion.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Alsone View Post

    BTW as an aside, anyone know if FB3 can send DMX as well as IDLA from the pc?
    FYI -

    The FB3 can receive DMX, but not send. With the DMX daughterboard, you would use a DMX source to select the various frames and image attributes that are stored on the FB3's memory card. It is used in lieu of computer control of the FB3; in fact, when the FB3 detects a computer connection through its USB port, the DMX function is disabled.

    Still one GREAT card for the price!!


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