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Thread: Phoenix Lasersoftware Basic & Two Projectors doing the same thing

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    Default Phoenix Lasersoftware Basic & Two Projectors doing the same thing

    Hi, I bought phoenix lasersoftware basic edition with one scanner license.

    Now, is it possible to run two scanners (both identical output) with this basic license?

    I want both laser heads to do the exact same thing

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    not sure about the software side of things ? but you could add passthru DB25 into your projector ...i have ran 4 projectors doing this ..when i build a projector housin i always include two db25s one for signal in and another to pass the signal out again if i need it to another projector

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    Paul is right
    daisy chaining will work the only problem you may encounter is if the inputs of the projectors are significantly different in terms of imedance. You may find both will work if connected separately but the output may change a little if they are both hooked up. If the projectirs are identical you should not have a problem

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