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Thread: Tutorial - My 'Pocket Pal' Blu-ray Laser!

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    Default Tutorial - My 'Pocket Pal' Blu-ray Laser!

    For a nice pocket sized DIY laser, here is a tutorial for my 'Pocket Pal' blu-ray laser.
    This looks like the same light (different color): But it requires a slightly adjusted heatsink. I have heatsink dimensions for this DX host now! It is the exact same build as this tutorial.
    The host I use, is made by VicLight. Model LF-D01 This is the host:
    (I do sell the complete build) :

    The key to my 'style' build, is the heatsink. This provides a nice clean, solid mount for the business end of an AixiZ module. Although this heatsink is smaller than my MXDL heatsinks, it takes just about as much machine time. I have to do the set screw as well. So if you want one, it will cost the same as my MXDL heatsinks. (You would need a 1.5mm Allen wrench for the set screw)
    Note: If you want a heatsink, just let me know if it is for the DX sku 46 host! The thick o-ring spacer (see picture in this tutorial), will be included.
    Using the PHR-803T diode:
    With a FlexDrive:
    AixiZ acrylic lens, plastic cut away.
    Using 3 X AAA batteries. I like the Lithium primaries!
    Set at 90mA's, putting out 80mW's to 90mW's at that current! (some are running these 803T diodes at higher currents. I like 100mA's now - still good longevity... I also have one running at 145mA's to see how it does)
    * First step is to take the light apart...

    That 'trimmed' thin metal washer will go back in last, after the mod is done.
    * Next, (read notes on picture)

    Use your DMM to test continuity on the board for the driver connections to positive and negative.
    * Now, take a very close look at this next picture...

    The plastic piece that we cut the center out of and 'flipped' around, makes space for the FlexDrive.
    * Set driver current. For the FlexDrive, you must use a load to set the current. (Six silicon diodes (1N4001) in series, work perfect for a blu-ray) Here's a good diagram from rog8811 on how to set up a 'dummy load' for a red diode/DDL driver (works the same for the FlexDrive), for a blu-ray, just use 6 instead of 4:
    * Solder wires. Don't forget the heat shrink tubing.
    * After placing the board/driver into position, use the thin metal washer that we 'trimmed'.
    * It goes in last. This washer makes contact with some negative solder points on the board. As you tighten the case, it makes contact with the thin washer, 'pressing' the o-ring 'cushion' tight. Giving good ground, and stabilizing the heatsink.
    The result, is a very solid, but pocket sized, awesome little laser!

    To finish it off, you can make a nice 'dust cap' from these silicone tailcaps:
    Which come in different colors as well.

    You just turn it 'inside out', and cut the little 'nub' off. (Thank Senkat for that one!)...
    P.S. The battery holder (whether it be black or clear), has these small 'tabs' at a couple of points where the POSITIVE end of the batteries need to make contact with the flat metal contact points.

    Use a knife and 'snap' or cut the tabs to make sure your batteries make good contact. The thickness of the tabs can cause a weak connection, or no connection at all...
    P.S.S. If you do not want to use the Lithium primaries, but like rechargeable batteries better, the Sanyo Eneloop batteries are the best...

    Update: I examined the DX sku 46 host and it is basically identical... it will be the same exact tutorial. There are some very slight differences...

    The very front, where the heatsink protrudes through, is a little smaller in diameter. Also, the total distance in the head, is a little longer.
    So, the heatsink will be adjusted to fit, and this host can be used to follow this tutorial exactly!
    Note: The heatsink will be .050 in. longer at the back (inside the host). This is to compensate for the slightly longer distance inside the head space of this host...

    Build tutorial for MXDL 'side button' host!
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    sweet jay!

    thanks for sharing on here too!

    this is a great write up i have built three of these lasers and this tutorial sure made it fly by much easier!

    glad to see you joined this forum!

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