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Thread: screens for a projection laser schedules and show

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    Default screens for a projection laser schedules and show

    It would be desirable to learn more information on screens for a projection laser schedules and show..... What for a material it is used, what ratio of the sides is better?.... Please share experience... The photographic material is welcomed

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    Search the site for "scrim".

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    Default HI.

    Please share your location and details.

    I found a company manufacturing screens for front and rear (or both) projections. Quite few of surfaces are more than great for laser shows.

    I have one (2.5 x 2.5 m) and it is superb. They make them either with electric rollout casing, manual one or with little loopholes around borders.

    They send me sample of proper laser-mesh which is ment to be used professionaly ad WOW man, it is finest and lightest yet durable mesh I have ever seen. Scotish midges wouldn't be able to put a head through this. And from 5 metre distance it is invisible (they do white and grey), but it is quite shiny so it perfectly reflect laser beam.

    Anyway, that is my little secret so if you want to get me.


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    Hi All,

    Our VERY good friend buffo, several months ago, said that the slate-gray No-See-Um netting from here:

    worked great for laser shows...


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    Heh! It's true, I did post that. But it wasn't my idea originally. I have to give credit where credit is due...

    It was DLSI-Jon that first suggested the use of the "No-see-um" netting as a scrim for laser projection. He's been using it professionally for a couple years now, for both indoor and outdoor shows, and he swears by it.

    I've had my piece for about 9 months now, and I absolutely *love* the stuff. Works well for front projection, but it's really better to use it for rear projection, with the lasers firing through the scrim and towards the audience. It *really* works well like that.

    And yeah, in a dark room, the stuff is just about invisible, so the laser images appear to float in mid-air. Very cool! (Be sure to get the "slate grey" color - it works the best.)

    I paid $35 for a 9 foot square (3 meter square) piece, including shipping. Can't beat that price!


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