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Thread: Don't buy maxyzmodules

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    Thumbs down Don't buy maxyzmodules

    >>Edited Feb21 09:

    I am retracting this statement. Chuck did return my diode.
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    maxyz has always seemed to be a great company and very reputable. i hope there is 3 sides to this story.

    (no offense steve, i am NOT saying your lying or not justified in your frustration!!) just saying for every pissed off customer in business there is ALWAYS 3 sides to what made that customer pissed off!

    Your side (customers side). Their side (business' side) and then what REALLY happened.


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    we bought 4 reds, 3 have died recently, and they haven't done a lot of work at all I am suspecting the diodes are over driven to the shit house too
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    Wow -

    Harsh response to post on the forum, especially considering the number of very satisfied customers he's had over the years! (myself included!)

    I know from previous postings he's gone through quite a tough year, medically, financially, etc.. Is there a possibility THAT might be the true issue at hand, instead of him now being a "cheat & thief" ?

    Not denying you've got very real & very serious issues with him, but I hate to see someone's name smeared if there's another explanation.

    Just my 10 cents worth...

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    dang i realy hate to hear companies bashed but so far it seems you have a decent reason!

    it seems like a lot of these type of issues have been coming up on the forum but luckily all have been taken care of and made right!

    hopefully this will too

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    Yeah, I'm kinda pisssed off .. $300 isn't what I like to give up for no results... The $1000 blue that Bridge gave him for a life-test... Have we heard a word ?? Probably sold on e-bay for his med-bills a long time ago..
    I'm not saying he's not in pain, but hell, My back hurts too, and the last xrays and chiropractor didnt help me eithier..
    But it's not an excuse for ripping people off..
    Marconi.. Feel free to interject at any time that you would like to into this thread.... any input.. ??

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    Hey this is getting a bit rough !!!!....

    Its not that long ago I seem to remember another outburst like this....

    I personally have had excellent support and feedback from Marconi and his dual Maxxy is going real well in my RGB so far.

    If you have a business problem then sort it by all means. ... but
    Lets just be a bit more understanding of a man and a situation that obviously needs a bit of room to get himself sorted.

    After all he came on here explained himself etc etc. Thats quite a brave thing to do in public and to his laser friends.
    He could have just "disappeared" like some others have.

    As for your sore back compared to Chuck's well I guess we'll never know.

    My suggestion... back off on the agro about this on PL..

    I come here for some fun and to learn not to listen to "sound offs"

    Just my cents worth

    With regards


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    Well, I do know abit of back problems, hospital for months, xrays and MR scanning, in bed most of the time without moving etc..
    I dont complain about that...but shit happends and thats life
    I had my bad time and I an still in recovering and doing fine!
    So I think I know what Marconi is going trough...

    I think I owe 3 or 4 sets of dual maxyz and they do really nice!
    No problems at all. I had one that died a year ago and emailed maxyz, Sent the defective one back for a repair I got a new one maxyz within few days later.

    That is great service.


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    I have two sets of dual Maxyz. Yes, I have had issues with them with a couple of the diodes going out for no reason, but Chuck has always come through for me, even if it did sometimes take far longer than expected, I appreciate first hand how incredibly frustrating this can be, especially if you're relying on your projector for commercial activity.

    The two sets I currently have are currently performing absolutely fine and the last conversation I had with Chuck he said they were now fitting a different diode that was easily capable of 300mW + but had been set to output approximately 225mW so as not to overdrive them (these are what are allegedly fitted in one of my dual my setups).

    I always like to give the benefit of the doubt to people especially where health is involved as I, like others on this forum, have had serious health issues myself in the past and know how difficult these times can be. Sometimes when you're really down business is the last thing you're interested in.

    I'm not suggesting that you don't have cause for a grievance Steve-O, and I know I myself have been seriously pissed off with Chuck's slow service. But hey, wouldn't it be better for someone that knows him personally to try and intervene (does anyone live local to him?) and perhaps find out his current personal circumstances before everyone just dismisses him and he gets labelled as the things you've mentioned?

    The Maxyzmodules do (in my opinion) fulfill a place in the market for us hobbyists AND (lets be honest here) we at one time all thought the Maxyz were the 'mutts nutts' when Chuck was on the forums regularly (I still LOVE my Maxyz ). where else could you buy red modules with the beam specs and power of the Maxyz for a price us hobbyists could afford?

    I do hope that Chuck responds to this thread and things can get worked out before this becomes really serious, I hate to see mud slinging in what is essentially a small friendly community of like minded individuals. Let's all try to stay friends... well, for as long as possible anyway

    Chuck, If you're reading this thread please jump in and tell us what's going on. I'm sure that you're a decent bloke who's having some difficult circumstances, just open up a bit... you're amongst friends here... I think

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    My dual maxyz modules is also perfectly working, for a long time now. Doing 500mW after the cube, if I drive it at full power (and TEC-cooled, the wavelength is shifting a little down so they are very bright ).

    Chuck always did perfect business with me, I first had a single-old TTL module, which he upgraded for me in no-time and for a very reasonnable price, and with a custom design to fit my needs (both driver and diodes). Communication was perfect all the time. But it was before its problems... So I think that there's certainly a very, very good reason to this story, and I'd be happy to know the final point...


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