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    hey everyone-

    as i am sure most of you know now, i am a distributor for LaserWave. (Don't worry, this isnt a post to try and make you buy stuff!! )

    i have gotten a few PM's regarding some pricing between myself and robs pricing (stanwax) and DIY pricing. (mliptack)

    as we are all distributors for LW's products, we assume some sort of financial responsibility and OBVIOUSLY (i would find this safe to assume for rob and max) that we are looking to make some money doing this.

    with that being said, i will now just speak for myself...i am remaining pro-active in doing my VERY BEST to try and give PL members pricing that is more appealing than from my website directly or through other avenues of purchasing.

    Please realize, sometimes my prices may be a little higher than Robs. Sometimes Robs may be a little higher than mine. Bridges may be a little higher than mine and mine be a little higher than Max's. you get the point...

    when i first started to distribute LW products, i got had to sell "blindly" and didnt charge NEARLY what i should charge for a few things. there are a couple of my sales that went through that i actually had to pay out of my own pocket with. now, thats my own fault for not pricing accordingly. but, i have gotten a few PM's regarding why a few of my prices have changed. and why my prices seem lower than bridges. or why Robs were lower than mine. or why Max's were more expensive than mine. our pricing between all of us will probalby change QUITE often.

    if bridge is selling "X" for $30. and on my site it says $40. that doesnt just mean im trying to rip you off. (obviously or i wouldnt be selling laser parts and optics! i would be selling pizza or something!) i have come to realize that there is SIGNIFIGANT costs to order things and have them imported.

    none of you are dummies. you know that if im selling "X" for $30 than it cost me less than $30 to purchase it. but please factor in, paypal fees (X2. your payment to me. my payment to LW). import taxes. shipping taxes (X2!! shipping to me and shipping to you!!) and time and business costs.

    just an example...and this is a REAL example.

    i sell you a dichro (25mm) for $50. my NET cost after all is said and done is approx $8. lol. and for PL members it is more close to $2-$4. becasue i try and give a little more of a discount to PL members.

    the point i am getting at here is please factor in ALL angles when making a purchase ir asking why something is priced the way it is. if you find it more viable to wait longer and purchase something DIRECT to save a few dollars (which usually it doesnt come out to be cheaper anyway after you factor in shipping) than by all means...purchase it direct.

    but PLEASE do not PM me and say, "why is your "x" $10 more than "XYZ." if i was selling a 200mW laser and it was $500 more than bridges or max was selling it for $400 less than bridge or something DRASTICALLY different like that, than OBVIOUSLY something fishy is going on. But a $10 difference for a same product being sold by 3 different people in 3 different parts of the world is VERY understandable in my opinion.

    i do my best to price competitively. some things are cheaper. others are more expensive. if you would like to purchase through Max...GREAT! max is a great guy! if you want to purchase through me...GREAT! im a great guy! If you want to purchase through Rob, GREAT!! hes a great guy.

    i guess im just trying to say, think about THE WHOLE PICTURE before questioning pricing. i have gotten quite a few PM's regarding my pricing, robs pricing, even dave and aijii's pricing. (which i have NOOO idea about!! lol.).


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    I think it will all have to come down to quality of service at some point. Everyone should know basic economics and also know you, nor Rob, or Max are just doing this for our, PL members, benefit; you are trying to make some money. I will say, I don't see any problem of trying to get the sellers here to bid against each other to get the lowest price. At some point a seller has to be willing to say, you can get the best price somewhere else, go for it. Then it comes back to the quality of service. I would rather pay a small premium for the best product. Getting a laser for x less than a comparable laser doesn't do you any good if you have to ship it back 3 times for x/2 in shipping. You end up losing money in the long run.
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