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Thread: Non-Laser Side-Glow Fiber Optic Illuminator

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    Question Non-Laser Side-Glow Fiber Optic Illuminator

    Hey chaps

    Here's a question I'm hoping that someone can help me answer...

    I have a light source, it's very special and is fairly directional (think of a downlighter) and it is very powerful. Now, I want to somehow pump that light into a side-glow fiber-optic. I am thinking of just using a couple of large perspex lenses to focus the beam down to just about the diameter of the fiber and just shining it in there. Heres the question - will it work?

    Next question, anybody know of any reasonably priced suppliers of side-glow cable from whome I can order on-line? I've seen a few, just wondering if anyone has a default go-to guy for the product.


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    Lumenex or lumenx in Solon Ohio.

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