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    After some serious work and Troy (loopee) pointing out some good info on my website that i overlooked (Thank You again Troy!!), i am happy to tell you all that i completely re-did all of my pricing.

    i am setting up (still working on this part) a completely separate page of pricing JUST FOR PL MEMBERS!! these are REAL discounts! NOT just BS "No charge for shipping and i'll include it in other areas" types of discounts...REAL discounts. you will be able to see for yurself when you compare my main pricing page to the PL members page.

    what i will do is provide a password for the PL page. therefore i know you will have to be a PL member to get to it. PM me here, and i will provide you the password.

    I am also in the process of setting up some "Kit Pricing." first one is going to be a dichro kit. (15mm and 25mm). not sure from there. I think Laser packages.

    any ideas, advice, criticism (constructive please!) or input would be greatly appreciated. this will benefit us all.

    i am in this to make money, of course! BUT- i want to make sure that you PL people get MUCH BETTER than "Avg Joe" pricing. If it werent for this forum, i wouldnt be doing it in the first place. so, guess this is my way to give back!


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