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Thread: Question about modulation for the best color richness

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    Default Question about modulation for the best color richness

    Hello everyone! I want to assemble my own RGB laser system and i have a question about modulation:
    What laser modules is better to use in RGB systems for the best color richnnes, with high frequency modulation or not?
    Thanks a lot.

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    Look at it like this..... Your red laser will be the lowest part of your color gamut. Think of it like a woofer. The green is right about in the middel; like a mid-range or the real name that never really cought on... the squacker. Then there is the blue... the tweeter and, if you're following the cutting edge, the violet super tweeter!

    If you have true analog modulation on all of these, then you can make whatever color you can blend from these.

    There are some rules... There are hues, tints, shades and tones. These have to do with where you are in the chromaticity curve, made from the relative levels of the individual wavelengths of light you have to synthetically make the color you (think you) see.

    Beyond that is the question of how fast do you want to change that color.


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