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Thread: New pricelist for KVANT products.

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    Exclamation New pricelist for KVANT products.

    Hi everyone.

    Plasa 2008 in London has finished and I have put almost everything from KVANT into one nice pricelist.

    Stunning show I have to say. So many lights, colours, speakers and free beer, champagne and some nice food as well.

    I saw Kvant's 20W WL which have 577nm inside as well...beautiful yellow!
    And also I saw this new super-little 1W WL and it is really, really small (about the size of 5 packs of longlife milk) and light. It is already available in 1.6W and 2W will be soon....WOW

    After seeing competition Kvant convinced me again that they are top players in laser industry.

    There are some news as well....800mW Red+Blue module..all in one..300mW/640+500mW/445.

    5W and 8W Green projectors with dual output (2x pair of scanners in one box)...bloody crazy...and tweaked beam divergence to 0.2mRad !

    Anyway, here are my prices (pdf below or on my website).
    Whatever will you say, I know they are VERY good prices-considering the quality and technology.


    Martin Pelikan
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    KVANT lasers are terribly sexy...wish I could afford a deep blue module!

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