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    Im doing some background research into laser hire, and was wondering if you guys could point in the driection of some people and maybe some advice concerning any relevent health and safety points I should consider. Lastly some of your best guess would be of great help, im talking about ball parking some figures for me. Maybe:
    -Regualar Green Laser
    -RGB Laser
    -Moving Head Laser (Green or RGB)
    Audience Scanning is probably nessecary due to the fact we have lots of reflective trust and the like around that would prevent any 'just scan over thier heads approach.

    Thanks in advance

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    It's unlikely that you'll get a dry hire (just equipment) due to costs and H&S issues.
    Anyone you get in to do a show would (should) therefore be up to date on all the surrounding implications.

    So it'll just be down to your requirements and costs really.

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    I think you need to specify bit more what you actualy want.
    There are loads of lasers around here
    And no one will hire you 10W RGB without being there or 30.000 deposit.

    Oh..I have just realized that I am not Junior Member anymore! Huraaaa!

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