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Thread: Flea-bay bogus dealer....heruursciences

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattrg02 View Post
    Funny that some people here feel the need to keep blindly supporting him despite the evidence against him. Why the hell would you dismiss the emails from ebay regarding fraud and quickly assume it was some unfair feedback issue? That he was being picked on? That really wreaks of bias to me.

    It doesnt matter what how well he treated you when something like this airs itself, things should change when damning evidence comes up.

    Good job Chris!
    It is not so quickly and blindly than you think, but yes I admit that in this issue I am biased in favor of Chris for several reasons:
    - You Matt unmasked yourself in countless post in PL and on alt.lasers as acting purely based on your hate against Chris.
    - You are so obsessed by your hate that you do anything to push him out of buisness, this already reminds me on a crusade.
    -You don't seem to contribute much more than your hate to PL and this discussion.
    - I and a lot of others which don't speak here, have evidence by myself that trades with Chris can be good and you get valueable stuff for your money.
    - buying used laser diodes on ebay is a gamble. what do you think why a 20000$ diode is there on ebay for 200?

    So based, and biased by this thoughts your "damning evidence" could also be assambled the other way round: People by stuff just to leave negative Feedback to push the new Seller (who could be Cris, yes) out of business. They not even stop at trying to get access to his account, etc. etc.
    The "unfair feedback issue" is certainly there and it was not even done very intelligently as the names are just too similar (which could of course also be a trick of somebody else).
    So nothing "airs itself" here. Looked at it from the outside both versions could be right, and my guess the truth is somewhere in the middle. It is certainly true that not all deals of all people with chris where smooth and Chris was rude in serveral of it's replies were he could have just admitted a mistake. Many other deal went good though.
    I don't want to accuse somebody on something and I am neither black nor white in this story.
    But my view is certainly not as simple as your's Matt!


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    Again, you are making BOLD assumptions in favor of Chris SOLEY because YOU profited from dealing with him! Several people here just posted 100% genuine PROOF from Ebay of some potentially ruthless behavior and you acuse OTHERS of bringing this on him?

    Your attitude is what creates evil in the world. You too will one day be on the OTHER end, I promise you that! What goes around, comes around.

    Shame on you for making such bold and fictional assumptions. You dont know how Ebay makes their decisions, yet you offer such ideas rather than what Ebay SPECIFICALLY stated! They said NOTHING about feedback, NOTHING about ANYONE hacking HIS account at all!

    Whoever left him unfair feedback would simply have their feedback removed by Ebay AND Chris, IF Chris hadnt slipped up some other way. I have had CHRIS' unfair feedback against ME removed by Ebay, so I know it is possible.

    I will argue with you about this no longer as your reasoning is predictable and illogical. It reminds me of arguing with special needs people.

    Chris got what was coming to him. I can happily say that I had zero to do with it too. Good to see he slipped up some other way and Ebay CAUGHT him!

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    Bambi*cough* is back. Didn't expect he would return on the same account.

    WOW! I didn't know seller rivalry on ebay was so bad! We got kicked off because somebody attacked us. Anyway, eBay fixed it. I am sure that most of the people who won the auctions on the 9th got your items by now. Ebay completely reset our account, so we cannot leave or receive any more feedback for that week. If you had a problem please let us know. We are sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused you.
    We will try to ship our ebay items out two days a week, once on Tuesday, and once on Friday to give you the best service. Thanks again for your orders, Jackie
    I like his 405nm 100mW
    "A comparable violet laser device is selling for upwards of $1,000 dollars but the diode emitter can be yours for HUNDREDS less than that!"
    I don't doubt someone somewhere might be trying to sell a 100mW Blu-ray $1,000 and I'll even wish them luck at that.
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    Yeap, I saw that. What an ass too! Look at what he said in his Me page! Funny thing is that that is against ebay's policy too. A report will have his WHOLE ME page removed...
    Wink wink..

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