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Thread: NEOS 8ch PCAOM 15watt for white light systems

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    Default NEOS 8ch PCAOM 15watt for white light systems

    Hi Guys, I have a NEOS PCAOM 15watt version for sale

    PCAOM Model: N48062-2.5-.55-WP-15W
    Driver Model: N64040-75-.1-8CH-16-M

    This unit is still like new and was used twice with a 5watt system and is rated for up to a 15watt Laser system.
    Includes PCAOM with Brag Mount and 8ch Driver in rack mount case with 8ch blanking card.

    If your interested make me a real offer.

    Also includes test data sheet from NEOS for the PCAOM.

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    Hi Paul

    Glad you made it here


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