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    attached is a word document with 2 pictures, one is a DB25 connector pinout and the other is drlavas Opamp Board!

    what pin outputs connect to which pins on the db25???
    also what pins are connected together? and which are grounded?

    if anyone can help, this will really help me out and maby help others out too!

    if you can upload the new modified doc or a image would be great.


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    I'm not sure what sound card you are using, but assuming you know which channels have what data coming from them (a big assumption! ) Then you can use the pins going in to correspond to the pins coming out. Meaning, if you use pins (labeled) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 as X, Y, R, G, B, (other). then look at this first:

    Then read through this.

    It will make more sense. If you have any questions after that please ask.

    BTW, my long time friend, Dean C. Hammonds, designed the op-amp circuit for me and my work with LaserBoy, starting in 04 and fine tuned in 05. It is called The LaserBoy Correction Amp. I laid out the design, did the foil routing and drlava did the CAD drawing that made it into a printed circuit board.

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