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Thread: I want to meet a gracious NLO doubling Expert.

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    Default I want to meet a gracious NLO doubling Expert.

    I have spent the last 3-4 months building the ground work for some home brew and possibly very nice 1064/976/1319nm doubled yag/yvo4 lasers.

    My first goal was to obtain a number on single and quad modulatable 0-25 watt single a quad 30watt and quad 40 watt fiber delivered laser pumps at 808nm with temperature and wave length control.

    I also picked up several new 20, 40 and 60 watt 808nm laser diodes.

    A few 0-100amp lab diode drivers, a slew of temp controllers , an optical table , and a number of various laserscope and other both new and used cavity optics were obtained.

    Next I beat up the crystals tree obtaining a 2x2x3 3x3x5 4x4x7 KTP both coated uncoated commercially mounted etc. and the same with YVO4 and some small 2x2x12mm YAG , another recent aquisition was some thin disk YVO4 coated for blue production and lenses and LBO to go with. Lastly this week I happened upon by chance crystals for doubling 1319nm to 659nm by either RED coated and cut large KTP or the much rarer PPKTP and to complement these I found some very unusual dual side pumped angle cut brewsters YAG rods.

    Well I have enough stuff to keep a lab full of physics students busy for a while what I need now is some old veteran to guide my first attempts at setting up some optical cavities on my recently aquired optical bench I have all the building blocks or most but need severely some experienced guidance to create three primary color lasers from all these pumps yag yvo4 and doublers.

    Of note if with a little guidance I can piece together my first 1064nm laser resonator , I have a seemingly simple to use Continuum Laser Second Harmonic Generator labeled as follows: Continuum Lasers T-2 SHG 20mm. It is a nice compact little delrin oven with antireflective entrance and exit optics it has a built in heater and regulator with some external 24vdc gold plated contacts I have a second of these in pieces that came that way with some type of 13.5mm sq by 20 mm long crystal that I will assume is Lithium Triborate.

    Anyone out there with the humility is welcome to fuel my pursuits please!I need direction and guidance!

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    Exclamation WOW!

    I think you need to pass that craack pipe you are token on over here!!! Talk about an endevor. I salute you and wish you luck. I can't help at all but will glady drool over any and all pictures you post.
    Love, peace, and grease,

    allthat... aka: aaron@pangolin

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    Quote Originally Posted by allthatwhichis View Post
    I think you need to pass that craack pipe you are token on over here!!! Talk about an endevor. I salute you and wish you luck. I can't help at all but will glady drool over any and all pictures you post.
    Well I am obsessive compulsive but have built my first laser projector already simple though it may be scanpro20 ILDA dmx board and a 70mw 532nm laser. I have allready bought another scanpro20 and decided to bark up the 50K tree. I think that just maybe if I get 120watts via 4 30watt fiber lasers into two old spectra laser millenias dual pumped YVO4 crystals and then PBS combine them and run that through this YAG 532 SHG doubler I should have some rather exorbitant amounts of green like a laserscope might do but at much much much less weight. My main pump right now is a Coherent Quattro Cost over $50,000 new bought it for $300 I am a horse trader of sorts.No crack involved but quite obsessive though!All on $633 a month in disabilty.

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    get a copy of

    Laser Fundamentals
    by William Thomas Silfvast - 2004 - 674 pages

    covers designing cavities, picking mirror coatings, basics of pump adsorption, calculaing output coupler transmission. Good book.

    Solid State Laser Engineering
    by Walter Koechner - 1999 - 764 pages

    get the most recent edition of Koechner.
    Its the soild state bible.

    ring cavity math:

    [1] V. Magni, “Multielement stable resonators containing a variable lens”, J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 4 (10), 1962 (1987) ACTUALLY HAS A PRETTY GOOD DIAGRAM OF WHATS WHAT.

    us patent:
    Ortiz , et al. July 14, 1992

    A copy of a Vfold laserscope service manual would be most useful.

    use university library or interlibrary loan, Koechner is expensive, he has other books.

    make sure when you talk to the university librarian you tell her your compulsive and need help, or security will bounce you out

    I hope you like making V fold cavities with temperature tuned thick etalons to supress 1064.
    The key is not the crystals and pump, you can do all this with lamp pumping. The key is the coatings on the optics. You must somehow supress 1064, which will lase with the reflection off the back of your fingernail in some cases. When 1064 lases there is no gain on the other lines as 1064 is dominate and robs energy from the other upper lasing states in the F manifold. Prisms dont do it, because of the beam diameter its hard to make a effective prism

    So you coat your optics max pass on the 1064, max reflect on the other wavelenghts and side pump, so you dont have 1064 getting gain off the pump optics. its tricky.
    Each mirror costs 350-1000$ to have coated. You wont find these optics on ebay.

    Also there are three lines close together on the deep red, you need to tune to the high gain one.

    You will need to qswitch and you will need to focus the pump diode to the right space and time and volume in the lasing medium.

    Start with 532. There is much to learn to make this work. build a big 532 and pump a dye. Its Easier and the dye laser is a cell, not a flowing jet. Ask DSLI JON for pics of the inside of his dye before he sells it.

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