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Ok (whomever reads this) we both ( thats know) whoops! I have a insane amount of material to work with but zero hands on doing optics other than having built a basic monochromatic laser projector and successfully cooling and powering several high powered fiber coupled laser diode packages. I have learned how to clean and inspect fiber optics to prevent meltdowns. I do have Coherent Inc Lead Engineer giving instruction advisement because he has seen that I can follow directives and that I have assimilated some very expensive and desirable lab laser and have followed his refit and inspection instructions.

OK the thing to do right now number one for me other than reading several good books front to back and my having milled through SAM's laser faq's would be to have bought a small 1064nm laser to test my Continuum Laser SHG 20mm T-2 doubler, by just simply applying 24vdc wear goggles and irradiating with 20-100mw and get some green in a test. Well I don't have that I though about cannabalizing my little 70mw showlaser projector laser to make a 1064nm source but thats a waste of a good cheap laser and my alignment work.

Ok I bought this weird thing thinking it would make a good yag cavity it was a 6 inch aluminum rail from svccompucycle at ebay. It has 4 aluminum straps with a center tension allen screw, it has two yag rod end looking things retained by these straps it had two clear 1/2" lens . I proceeded to pop these out they were biconvex and clear uncoated. Okay I had a 7mm x 155 mm long yag rod low dopant not real bright purple nd level. I stacked about 10 ac orings and slid the ends of the yag rod up in these 9 mm diameter cylinders to with in about 1/8" of meeting the lens 1/2" cutouts and mounted the 2 straps. Ok I have about 20 laserscope lens by airtron I faced the 99,9% 1064nm 150cm roc nearly flat lens in one end with the dielectric coating and the penciled arrow in I applied a couple drops of clear finger nail polish to hold its a very good fit. I put the high reflector on the end of my yag rod that has a small 20% corner chip the other end is perfect. Not sure if it's better placing minor chipped end toward fr or pr??

Alright here tonight I am going to go digging for a set of 4 laserscope lens I bought I am clueless as how to decipher which is the partial 1064 reflector I think one a high reflector I will try to match to my known 99.9 lens , one is a ? 532 reflector I think and another an oc lens or filter maybe.

Any help on identifying the partial reflector by appearance or by pencil marks would be really sweet of you.

OK so lets say I get this together now I have a potential yag rod cavity for 1064nm low doped rod. I am tomorrow expecting the 2nd of three of mrs christines 60-70watt cw coherent scanner lasers they are marked at 810nm they are water cooled they put out an intense 1mm by I guess 3 or so inch line output I am if this rod can take it going to hit from just one side at threshold. I can set up one of a couple hundred ir night lowlight tv robotic g3 cameras by bosch I have and a monitor to look for output I have a coherent 201 and an ophir sla 20/30 heads and meter nothing fancy but works. I am a week or two away from having some 1064nm green visualizer strip from china so lets say maybe I have some output and can actually detect it I guess I would apply 24 vdc to the shg assembly by continuum and try to get some green ?????

Any I mean any feedback on my first attempts at creating a resonant cavity would be greatly appreciated . Sarcasm can be taken I can handle it.

My two biggest concerns are locating and assuring I have a applicable laserscope partial reflector and issues with heating warping or destroying my yag rod.

Again your humility appreciated. I will try to get you some pictures of this resonator attempt I have heard if I could find silver or maybe even partially wrapping yag rod in
heavy duty aluminum foil and pump into a slit on one side a crude cavity could be formed to increase efficiency???????

Like a virgin for the very first time............... Ha Ha chuckle ! well maybe!

Mega Regards Please do not be too hard on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!