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    Default The blues...

    OK so you now have your nice shiny CNI blue DPSS laser ..

    Lets say its a 250mw ('cause mine is).

    Have now decided to add some serious red say .5 - 1watt of 640 or similar.

    Now the blue is going to be out of whack at 250mw. So you decide to add another blue alongside and combine using a polarizing PBS cube.
    Now in the ignorance of this situation there is the matter of horizontal and vertical polarization to sort out so the PBS can do its thing... right ?? ( I am assuming here, jump right in if I am wrong)

    Out with the spec sheet of the CNI and you see polarization at 100:1...... I assume this means 100 widgets one way with 1 widget the other so maybe not so bad.

    How do you know if its vertical or horizontal or if it was made just before knock off or morning tea and its some other weird thing in between.

    I know you could setup and measure it via the PBS and turn it for max but that seems a bit, well err... amateurish. Could end up with some weird angle to mount a big DPSS head on.

    Is there an industry standard, like are most vertical when made as normal or what ??

    Is there an easy way to adjust by busting inside..... however as a big dollar item not that keen to do that.

    Any ideas on this ??



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    a 1/2 wave plate is probably going to be the easiest way to rotate polarization.. Assuming the laser is indeed polarized at 100:1
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