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Thread: Abstract to ILDA

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    The coolest thing about the GoldWAVE Expression Evaluator is just that... It lets you work in terms of arithmetic expressions. You will learn a lot more about it that way and you can migrate your expressions to other platforms... like LaserBoy C++!

    Math is math!

    That's such a beautiful thing!


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    Quote Originally Posted by keeperx View Post
    yeah i have used reason way back when when it came out..
    im not sure how to use it well tho... I have no clue what you guys are doing but im very interested...

    im missing the the concept here...

    i understand that wave == shape but then im lost..
    do a google for lissajous.exe

    or there was another thread here where sergey distributed his abstract programs.


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    Default thanx

    Thanks guys for all your suggestions. I will be checking all of these out! Sounds like GoldWAVe and Lissajous.exe are way way easier than Reason. But seriously, if you guys are into making your own Laser show score, Reason IS the way to go. if you have a midi device, a new world unlocks. Even without a midi device, you can do SOOOOO much.
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    What is Reason? I have a Midi keyboard. Can that be used for laser control? I would like to add live control to Spaghetti.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carmangary View Post
    What is Reason? I have a Midi keyboard. Can that be used for laser control? I would like to add live control to Spaghetti.
    Here ya' go:

    Other applications are similar, such as Cakewalk's "Sonar" suite, which I use.

    As far as using MIDI (keyboards, etc.) to control lasers - Yep!

    Pangolin's LivePRO can be set up so just about the whole program can be controlled via a MIDI controller. The FB3 LAStudio suite also supports MIDI, and even includes the ability to map a MIDI controller to the various controls found in the Abstract generator.

    Hardware-wise, there's are several MIDI interface boards (similar to DMX interface boards mentioned on this forum periodically) that could be used as relay or voltage-control sources to control actuators, laser modulation, effects wheels, etc. These MIDI interface boards would probably geared more toward hobby vs. professional applications, since the DMX interface boards marketed for laser industry use will generally include fail-safe features not found on MIDI interface boards.

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