I'm wanting to build a system for a night club. In fact it used to be an old cinema (UK) and then was a bingo hall. I believe the capacity is 1000 people.
I was thinking of either a single green system or maybe an RGY.
For a single I thought that a 500mW would be ample for this venue. I say that as I used to have a 300mW and I think I sometimes I could have done with that little bit extra.
Anyway, judging power for a single is not much of a problem, but I am very interested in putting together an RGY. What would anyone recommend for this size venue or for the substitution of a 500mW green? Maybe even a breakdown for an RGB would be interesting to know too?

Would a 300mW green + 600mW red be sufficient?
From reading various posts the suggestion was 1:3 ratio G:R? But this seems rather alot of yellow to have (300mW G+900mw R = 1.2W Yellow?)

Any help or possible alternative combinations would be apprecitated?

Also any suggestions for suppliers for modules and scanners would be good too. Lasershowparts seem to be the guys and I've had very good dealing with Adrian & Dave in the past. Rather interested in Moncha too.

I've been out of the scene for almost a year now, so just gemming up on the latest technology again. Unfortunately i had to sell my last system, it didn't get much air time and besides I needed the money to put toward my house extension.........

Thanks in advance