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Thread: Wanted: Cheap ALC-60 PSU w/ Umbilical

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    Smile Wanted: ALC-60 PSU w/ Umbilical

    Good Day,

    I am looking for an ALC-60 PSU with the umbilical cord (I found my connectors, so no umbilical is optional). I don't buy on ebay anymore, if anybody has one sitting around I would love to make more space for you. It would be wonderful to heat my house and have my favorite blue/green/UV goodness.

    I suppose I may just have to settle for a lexel instead of a tiny argon with multi-line photonic lovin' (hopefully regassed to ar/kr) too bad my torch isn't setup to do hydrogen/oxygen... I do have barter goods, send me a PM if you are interested.

    Good old cash is still an option!!

    Last edited by sugeek; 11-04-2008 at 21:11. Reason: Found more of my Omnichrome PSU boards and my umbillical connector fittings!

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    Someones gotta have a supply around?

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