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Thread: Is 10KHz blanking enough?

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    Default Is 10KHz blanking enough?

    As the title says, is it? For a potential 30Kpps scanner and ctrl system am I going to be looking at tails in my projections?
    Who sells lasers with 30KHz blanking and how much more would I expect to pay for such?


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    This has been discussed before. The problem is that no one knows what "10Khz blanking" really means.

    Does it mean that if you feed it a square wave signal at 10Khz and 50% duty cycle, the laser will turn on each and every time? If so, then at what power level? And how long is the rise time for each pulse? (That is, how long does it take for the laser to reach the selected power level after the modulation signal goes high?)

    For that matter, how long after the signal goes low before the lasing stops? And does the speed of the rise time change with different power levels?

    Some of these specs are at the very heart of the so-called "jellybeaning" problem that many DPSS lasers suffer from. Thus, the values are pretty important to laser show enthusiasts. But since none of these specs are actually defined, a "10Khz" rating is meaningless.

    Having said all that, as a general rule the lasers I've used that were rated for 10Khz worked OK, but those that had a 20Khz rating were better. Again though, it's all a crap shoot. You'll have to see how your lasers perform once you get them, and if they have blanking issues, you'll have to rely on your software to compensate...

    There was a movement here on PL to get these laser blanking specs defined in a very detailed way, but it sort of died out last spring.


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