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Thread: Phoenix Pro+ DMX Multiscanner

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    Default Phoenix Pro+ DMX Multiscanner

    have bought this Software 2 months ago for 1700€.

    This is an official licence for Phoenix pro 2 plus dmx multiscanner dongle.

    If you want, i can inform phoenix of the licence change.

    The software + all the free shows is downloadble from
    But you can't get any output until you plug in the dongle.

    With PHOENIX, there is no limit on your technical possibilities. Fully respond to your customer's needs and wishes - build interactive tools to intervene directly into the show and let the customer help creating it.

    With a pc/laptop, PHOENIX is able to control up to 4 separate laser-show systems / scanners. In addition to that, it can control up to 4 DMX512 in/out circuits, 4 16-TTL outputs, Midi, SMPT, and much more - and can respectively be controlled by these tools. The international standard ILDA-signal is used for output. Output boards are available as PCI, USB, and ISA-cards.

    The PHOENIX network solution allows controlling up to 32(!) slave data processors. This enables the regulation of multiple systems over longer distances - without much loss in performance or the use of many cables. (Wireless LAN is also possible.)

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    why are you selling?
    and what do you want for the package?


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    We are switchin to Pangolin with controllers

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    Talking The Other "WE"

    I Think 1399€ is a fair price.. Its the latest version. Btw, i am the other "WE" .

    This is the latest version of Phoenix 2.0 pro+ Multi scanner edition.

    I Have already set up an ebay add for it.. But dutue ebay problems i cant get international shipping to work until the bug is resolved. But international shipping is not a problem. Just PM One of us.

    I will even include the printout of the original order. As the original packaging and a copy of the latest version with the original dongle. Pics on ebay..

    Ebay : 280276682623

    To give the specs, but you can also read the same on the phoenix show controller site :

    • Worlds - 32 - Worlds can be used as different projection areas. You can place with this function e.g a RunText on a higher surface than the background.
    • DepthCueing - yes - For the 3D-Effect on 3D-Objects a depth effect get generated, the area in the rear loses brightness.
    • SoftColor - yes - Soft color changes are really impressiv, especially with beamshows, when you try to make a spotlight effect.
    • SoftBlanking - yes - With this function it is possible to make soft endings. So a circle have no sharpe edges and looks really just like a circle.
    • AutoAnimation - yes - Using curve animation and interactive sliders, every parameter is controllable
    • Hiddenline/Z-Buffering - yes - With Hiddenlines it is easy to let hidden edges to disappear on 3D-Objects.
    • geometric correction - yes - With this function you can adjust the laser output also for rough or skew areas.
    • Music synchronization - CD, MIDI, Intern, SMPTE, WAVE, MP3 - Audio synchronization can be achieved using the CD-ROM drive and a common audio CD, a file in wave (.wav) or MP3 format or other external devices connected to the computer in millisecond precision. Other external devices could be used for synchronization via SMPTE timecode format if a windows compatible timecode reading device is installed.The functionality of the wave-analyzer allows total visual programming help.
    • BSpline-Curves - yes - Grafic Editor Help
    • Live RunningText - yes - In realtime with additional special effects. 32 beautiful true type laser-optimized typefaces are already included. True Type Fonts are also to use.
    • 3D Lissajous-Generator - Yes - For this function you need the knowledge about oscilloscope technology.
    • Preview Window - yes - Wach the show with beamefects or with grafik ecctes, such as you want. You can add 4 lasers and see how they work together! In combination with the 3D-Option you can see you hole stage and wach how your lightning works!
    • Input media for live and interactive control - Mouse, Keyboard, MIDI-Keyboard, Grafictablette, Graficstic, Joystick - Every DMX channel can be assigned to interactive input devices for maximum control during the show.
    • Transformation - 4 ILDA-out!!!!!!!
    • Tracks - 64 - 64 Tracks to add every Event you want.
    • SubTracks - 32 per Track - Other 32 SubTracks are programmable. You get: 32 x 64 = 2048 Tracks totally.
    • Colormorphing - yes - Morph to colors to get a soft change over between them.
    • Amount of Instructions - 140 - Stand Dezember 2004, more instructions added constantly.
    • Automation languages - VBS - VBS is an easy understandable programming language for programming total automation of your show.
    • Vektorgrafics - yes
    • Grafic resolution - <16bit per axis, 5-10V adjustable
    • Color resolution - 8bit per Color, 5 or 10V adjustable
    • Color Channels - 6 - Standard are red, green, yellow, blue, dark blue, violett. You can adjust all 6 channels like you want!
    • symmetric data transfer - yes , can be symmetric or asymmetric - Symmetric data transfer is used for long distances between 2 interfaces.
    • Output speed - <200.000 Points per Second - This Value gives information about the real output speed.
    • Network-Protocol - IPX/SPX with Microsoft ® Client - Transfer between Master- & Slave-PC is effected via Standard-Networkcable-CAT5 with the developed Protocol IPX from Novell®
    • RealTime calculation - Yes - All parameter calculations are performed in real-time.
    • Output Standard - ILDA ® & DMX ®
    • DAC Support - All the phoenix dacs, easylase, the riya's and the medialas usb and medialas dacs.
    Including Around 70 free shows and demo's. Updates and the CD Kit can also be downloaded from the phoenix site.
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    Talking Sold

    This topic can be closed.

    Object sold..

    Best regards,

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