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Thread: Are there any old time Spectra Millenia Employees here! Just bought a YVO4 Cavity?

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    Default Are there any old time Spectra Millenia Employees here! Just bought a YVO4 Cavity?

    I am seeking someone that might have advice info specifications ability to realign etc on what I have been told is a Spectra Millenia Laser Cavity. A call to Newport Subdivision Spectra Physics (are they one and same as spectra laser) was addressed by them disowning this cavity. I have seen it's YVO4 bridge in way to many pictures of the Spectra Millenia.

    The cavity is very basic as far as high power laser cavities using YVO4 go. There is a 4x4x7mm AR coated crystal mounted in a Aluminum Bridge that is gold anodized in color.I have seen this rectangular bridge and several round ones in picture's of Spectra Millenia laser cavities. The cavity is a 4"X9"X3" aluminum box. It has two 1/8" water lines for a cold water loop to the YVO4 mount block. On each end there is a Fc connectorised fiber delivery lens such as are used with optopower corp aka SL 20-35 watt fiber lasers both dust caps were in place, I do not have the original pump lasers or thier specifications.
    Inside the cavity are two 3 axis mounted cavity mirrors. It would appear that 1064nm is produced at about a 30-45 degree offset to the face to face dual delivery collimating lenses, these are both offset slightly from center on either side of the YVO4 crystal.

    The exit lens seems to not focus or collimate but is simply a glass filter element with a pinkish/red tint I assume a 808nm filter.

    You can see what seems to be the 1064nm outlet in the lower left in the cavity, the black hoses are chilled water on right you can see the protective dust cap on the fc connectorised fiber delivery lens, one of two the other on opposite side is directly facing and slightly offset a mm or 2.

    I can be reached at 512-288-0245 or 512-696-7044 or would love to chat to anyone with knowledge about this item, I know that at least a few PL members are LONG LONG LONG time employees of SL.Whether they have humility to talk to me about this is another thing! I am hopefull! I am in process of aquiring FC pump lasers.
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    clicking on my avatar will show the tricolor photocoagulator resonator cavity from a Lumenis Varia eye surgery medical laser, which i am attempting to refit. It originally was designed to produce 50-1500mw of 532 / 50-600mw of 659nm / 50-600mw of 561nm (Yellow)
    Clicking on my Avatar will show a picture of the inside of this cavity with a 1cm bar diode in the first of 3 OEM postions & KTP holder.
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