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Thread: Need an Ex Spectra Physics employee 2 consult about lot of equipment 4 $ or same?

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    Lightbulb Need an Ex Spectra Physics employee 2 consult about lot of equipment 4 $ or same?

    In my pursuit of parts for my recently aquired spectra physics? (not sure) laser head I have run across a gentleman with several tens of thousands in Spectra Physics Inventory he knows little about it and has asked me if I can find him some help he is offering either cash and or equipment.


    It is my understanding that there are a few ancient relics of Spectra Physics haunting this forum. If I remember correctly there was such a person on the cover of a National Geograhic edition at some point.

    The equipment consists of numerous 1064nm heads and various rack mount supplies the gentleman is trying to determine fair market value for his equipment and or to simply identify and have specifications for it as well.

    He says he will reward my efforts with some odds and ends I need for the trouble.

    Please contact me here if you are this person or have worked for this company in any capacity, I would be open to talking to someone else with deep knowledge of this type product, and sound knowledge of its fair market value.

    David Rouse evenings till 2-3am no ans machine 512-288-0245 here or davesplaysaustintx at sbc global dot net

    my cell is 512-696-7044
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