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Thread: LAStudio-Show "Wrong File Format" Error

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    Default LAStudio-Show "Wrong File Format" Error

    On the ildaswap-ftp there's this show: /ilda/LA Studio Shows/Du Hast.lsh

    When I load it into the Player of ShowRider (QM2000-Version) I get a "Wrong file format" error.
    This also happens with one other LAStudio-Show (LAStudio.lsh) I have here. All others (~ 9 shows) are working fine and are sync with the music also.

    This is not really important buy I asked myself if there is any chance to get this working since I'd like to have it.


    Btw... Bill, will there be a final (non-beta) version of QM2000-LAStudio sometime? Had some crashes recently...

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    The duhast show is working for me.
    The LASTUDIO show is corrupt... it generates 500 popup error messages..

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    I think Alexey (writer of LAStudio) did tell me that one of the shows was corrupted somehow. Maybe a bad file transfer...

    It's hard for me to follow on this forum. If you write to me privately, I will correct the situation.

    Regarding problems with LAStudio, please let me know about these. The contact form is always preferred because I don't log onto PL every day...


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