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Thread: Are 10khz and 50pps compatable?

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    Smile Are 10khz and 50pps compatable?


    I see lasers with different maximum anlaog modulation frequencies and scanners with different pps. Should a scanner with a maximum pps of 50pps have lasers with the same maximum khz for the best performance in a RGB?

    I know that khz is the rate of change of the amount of light coming from the laser and pps is points per second that the scanner can scan that light. Is there any relationship at all between the 2 as far as need to match a certain max khz with a certain max pps for best performance in the RGB?

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    Default I am far from an expert But this I do know.

    50K PPS means that your scanner can for a specified scan angle width heigth in degrees scan 50,000 points per second this is usually considered very good the actual standards by the international laser display association are at either 30K or 60K.

    10khz pertains to the rate at which the intensity or blanking contol can be switched in intensity or full on to off.

    I am no expert but I could see where higher blanking and modulation rates particularly in 3 color lasers with high scanning rates could have improvment on your images quality.
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    color mod for most animations can be lower bandwidth then the PPS, ie

    30Kpps works out to about 2.5 khz bandwidth response from the galvos

    There is a fundamental limit to a YAG based(dpss blue and green) lasers frequency response, based on the upper lasing level storage time, and dpss blue is much slower then green , red almost always is as fast if not faster then the galvos.

    So at 30K, 10 kilohertz shouldnt be that bad.
    , you'd like 30 khz, but odds are you'd never need it.

    If your a real serious artist and want true point by point color, your looking at using a add on AO cell on the output of many lasers. For most people, unless you have bought a really poorly made laser, you dont need it. Many professionals in the past were happy with 15-18 kpps galvo blanking at 30 Kpps scanning.

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