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Thread: FB3 - liveq and livepro

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    Default FB3 - liveq and livepro

    i used auto trace to trace something. opened it in liveq drew/added a few bits then saved it as a LPC.

    i then opened livepro and opened the frame i pre drew but when i play it, it does not display right!

    its blured is the best way to describe it!

    can anyone help?
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    It might be that livequick is treating the image as a point oriented frame, when the frame is transfered to livepro it has become (defaulted to) a vector oriented frame.
    Try rightclick on the cell in livepro, "edit frame properties" and there's a selector for "point", "vector" and "custom vector"... Maybe. There's a few other options for adjusting scan rate and cornering too.

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    Hi Andy,

    I have often found that it is impossible to communicate meaning of visual phenomenon, using only words...

    Please send us screen shots of what you are doing, and also send us the file in question and we will investigate it and let you know what is happening.

    The best (and fastest) way to get support is to use the contact form at This should be used for the "first contact". From then on, you can use our email address. We just don't advertise the email addresses as a way of avoiding spam.

    Best regards,

    William Benner

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