Now in stock in th UK I have the items listed below ready for shipment a well as the regular stuff we usually keep in.
They will be appearing on the pages of my site with Google Checkout Buy it now buttons over the next few days when I geta chance

ar green PBS cube
10x10x2 FS mirror HR >99% 400-700nm
25mm diameter Dichros in GB, GBR & RGB types (full details of these coatings on the website)
3 axis mounts for 25mm dichros by Laser-wave or other manufacturer
3 axis mounts for PBS or FS mirror
55mm high slotted 'L' bracket for adjustable mounting of 3 axis optic mounts (not suitable for 25mm types)

Coming soon Polymer optics cleaner to replace the now discontinued Opitclean.

If anyone needs further info before the parts are posted to the website just drop me a line - PM here or use contact us button from website homepage