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Thread: BigDepper F01+ ILDA RJ45 interface scheme

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    Default BigDepper F01+ ILDA RJ45 interface scheme

    Hi!... a newbie here!
    I need help about a bigdepper laser and it's interface, happens that i have in my hands a F01+ and a mamba black with usb-box.... and no cable.... any ideas about the schema. By the way, i've seen in a website that they're compatible.....

    Any ideas welcome (my boss is gonna kill me if this doesn't work -and soon-, because i made the company buy this, here are not many choices (Bolivia)).

    thanks a lot...

    PD. sorry if my english isn't perfect

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    I replied to your other post, but get in touch with Dream Beamz here in the forums. He's got a Big Dipper laser and can tell you how to build an adapter to go from the RJ-45 (Ethernet) jack to an ILDA-standard cable.


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    Thanks again... i've already sent a message to Dream Beamz.... waitin'......

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