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Thread: STUFF for sale! :)

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    Default STUFF for sale! :)

    here ye, here ye....

    up for grabs before they hit flea-bay...

    (some laser related, others not)....
    1. Scan Pro 20ks. COMPLETE set. i posted about this a couple months ago, but original buyer backed out. scanners, amps, ps. These are the ones adam (buffo) used for his review. they have about 10-12 hours of use on them and are perfectly tuned! (adam tuned em, what would you expect? ($225)***SOLD***
    2. Cambridge Technology. COMPLETE 6210 set. one scanner needs new mirror (as most of you have seen from posts before.) other than that, theyre PERFECT. scanners, amps, ps. (6210 scanners, 671xx amps) ($800 O.B.O. *Reasonable Offer!)

    3. Verizon XV6800 Windows Mobile 6.1 Phone. Used this for about 2 months. no scratches, works perfect. great shape. included is a 1 GB mem card. i bought an I-phone. so, dont need this any more.
    Phone, house charger, car charger, cool add-in programs (contact manager, TV viewing, EXCELLENT add-in shell...etc...etc) 1 GB mem card.
    (make an offer. REASONABLE offer!).

    4. I-Pod 60GB Video. PERFECT condition. used maybe 4 times. See above...(i bought an I-phone. dont need too many "I" toys in my house! ) cords included. ill throw a program in too that allows you to take songs OFF your i-pod and put em on your puter.

    let me know....
    PM's or here....

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    might be interested in the ipod davesplaysaustintx at sbcglobal dot net
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    Pm sent
    re scanners

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