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Thread: Two Riya PCI in one computer NOT WORKING

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    Default Two Riya PCI in one computer NOT WORKING

    I have the problem with two Riya PCI cards. Separately are working good but when I put them both in one computer are not working. In the test program first card works good but the second one, when I move any fader up galvos are running and painting a line. To stop this I need use STOP button only.
    How to repair this problem. How to make a good result with two RIYA PCI cards in TestProgram?? I thing this is not IRQ problem becouse I moved the cards between PCI slots.
    I found similar post on
    but there is no aswer.
    I tried with few drivers and every the same problem. Does somebody have two riya cards or had the same problem or maybe have the same problem
    I thinking about RiyaNetServer.dll. but how to use it?

    Waiting for some answer, some help


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    I haven't used the RIYA cards before, but I've seen similar issues when running multiples of other cards on occasion (network adapters and video cards come to mind!)

    First, what operating system are you using, and do you have the latest updates for the computer hardware (motherboard & chipsets)? Also, I have seen cases where even though you move cards between slots, you could STILL be experiencing IRQ conflicts, or possibly even DMA conflicts.

    If you're using Windows 9x / XP / Vista, open Device manager and make sure BOTH cards show up with no errors. If they don't, you might be able to tell what is conflicting from Device manager. You may need to go into the Riya configuration software (if there is any) or in lieu of that, change jumper settings on the cards (if there are any) to get rid of conflicts. And, as mentioned, make sure you have all the latest motherboard / chipset drivers for the operating system you are using.

    Good luck !!

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    Hi Maciej,

    When you turn on the computer, there is a text screen "PCI device listing" with all of the PCI cards and IRQ numbers. This screen flashes past quickly, but you can push the "Pause" button on your keyboard to read it. Have you make sure that each of the RIYA cards has their own IRQ address, not shared with any other devices? You can change the IRQ address by changing the slots the cards are in, or sometimes by assigning the numbers in the BIOS.

    There is some more information here:

    Also, have you contacted Ihor at RIYA about this? He is always helpful.

    Best regards,


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