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Thread: My new projector box!

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    Default My new projector box!

    I was thinking how I was gonna make a box for my projector, when something came across my mind..

    A OLD CD player box!

    So I went down to the recycle centre, and grabbed up a nice big old CD player, $2 it cost me!

    I got home and started to rip it apart

    I am goin to have to make a new front, but that isnt hard. Now I just gotta figure out on the best way of mounting everything ...

    Quick test layout ....

    The "Table"

    Just gotta figure out how to mount everything. I have a red laser module coming, so I need to save room for that, and eventually I am going to get a blue, so i'd prefer to save some space for that. Its gonna be pretty tight, but I can mount PSu's on the sides/roof etc too.

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    Coming to a theatre near you!


    it would be bad ass if you could rig the scanners to come out on the cd tray.
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