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Thread: What is the best deal currently on 200mw or higher 635/650

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    Default What is the best deal currently on 200mw or higher 635/650

    I want to pbs combine two for 400-500mw I am looking at aixiz for a Cheap solution Would like nice stuff for $500+ all in one analog 500 mw but can't afford.

    Looking at this offering ebay item number:120315437044

    Wondering if passively cooling two dvd diodes. Whatever are best I can get with 2 paralleled drive die4drive analog drivers or driving both leds series wired and isolated to chassis feasible?, probably not?
    clicking on my avatar will show the tricolor photocoagulator resonator cavity from a Lumenis Varia eye surgery medical laser, which i am attempting to refit. It originally was designed to produce 50-1500mw of 532 / 50-600mw of 659nm / 50-600mw of 561nm (Yellow)
    Clicking on my Avatar will show a picture of the inside of this cavity with a 1cm bar diode in the first of 3 OEM postions & KTP holder.
    Caviar Dreams on pennies, well lots of pennies.

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    Smile 635nm low divergence

    Hi Frank,

    Lasever makes 635nm laser modules of low divergence. Lowest prices for 100mW to 450mW lasers! We offer the diodes and PBS and lens for you to combine two to get upto 800mW 635nm, 6mm 1.5mrad. Welcome to contact me, thanks! David
    Professional manufacturer for High Power DPSS and Diode Lasers.
    1~8W 638nm Red
    1~8W 520nm Green
    1~20W 445/465nm Blue
    3~10W RGB laser

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