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    Ok, I have a bunch of stuff in my garage that is free if anyone wants any of it. I just need to know by tonight so I can throw it in the car. See pics below.

    There is an old IBM PCserver 330 with an EXP for disk drives. There is either 3 or 4 drives in the EXP setup in raid 5. The PCserver 330 does not have any drives, it boots from the EXP over a SCSI cable. I haven't turned it on in about 2 years, so no clue if it still works or not.

    A pair of slide projectors

    2 monitors, a 17" and a 15"

    Small bin full of various computer hardware. There's alot of laptop parts in there and even a half built thinkpad T42. To finish the laptop you'd need an LCD, memory, hdd and cpu.
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    I have a bunch of Kodak Ektagraphic III's that I can't give away. Nobody wants this kinda stuff anymore.


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