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Thread: For sale 2W RGB projector with CTI6215 galvos

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    Default For sale 2W RGB projector with CTI6215 galvos


    Red: 1600mW - 660nm
    Green: 300mW - 532nm
    Blue: 250mW - 473nm

    Beam: max. divergence - combined beam < 1,8 mRad
    beam diameter at scan mirror 1,5mm
    Elipticity < 10%
    scaner; CTI 6215

    Projector also has FlashBack3 USB card factory installed so it is possible
    to control laser via computer through USB port. and create/play simpler
    shows (with Cypher lite software - developed by Pangolin too)

    So mates.. How much can I "ask" for noted projector? What is real and fair sell-price?

    Projector is used only for few shows (as advertising messages projector and twice as party light show). All is intact in perfect condition as new.

    If interested contact me at:

    Best regards,
    Stipe Ercegovic

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    Greetings! Can I request a few things? Pictures are one of our fixes here; we are all addicted to not only coherent light, but digital representations of coherent light also. It is also always nice to see a product in action before appraising an item for sale. Scanner specs wuld also be nice. What amps are you running? Sounds like a nice box.

    Also, can you share with us your location; maybe not the exact address, but a city... country... Thanks!
    Love, peace, and grease,

    allthat... aka: aaron@pangolin

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    Thats a Neo-Laser Trinity - see here for all the details
    CTs & CNI sources.

    If you need to ask the question 'whats so good about a laser' - you won't understand the answer.
    Laserists do it by the nanometre.

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    Yes it is Trinity by Neo Laser ..but with custom ordered lasers (to get balanced white utilizing whole power of all three laser color components)

    Standard systems usually comes with dominant green component and when one tunes it through (for example Pangolin LD) tuning procedure you must reduce green component sometimes more than 70-80% ..which is practically "wasted" power.

    Also mine is with CTI6215 scanners (standard version comes with CTI6210)

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