I am seeking a DIY design to build a single or preferably dual ended peltier controller.

I am working with applications requiring from one to 4 peltiers, each requiring from 12-15 vdc each @ 8-12 amps approximate. So 12/24 48/60 are common power supply voltages used to drive 1 alone, 4 in series , 2 sets of 2 in series in parallel.My temperature monitoring would be via a 10K ntc thermistor.

I need a design that uses either a socketed plcc or ic's opamps, that can be hand soldered
From what I have heard of I will want to utilize 4 mosfets as an H-bridge for differential voltage control using 2 mosfet driver IC's and a controller IC or opamp.

I have many ltc 1923 samples but they are too small to work with.

So in a perfect world the controller would run on 5 to 15 vdc and the circuit depending on the mosfets or two sets of paralleled mosfet's could drive 12-24amps approximate at 12-60VDC.

Thanks for any circuits, I am becoming myopic with age so the fewer unmanagable smts the better.

I am an ebay hound and very little meets the higher voltage current requirements I need.